Alef Bet Review: jPrayer (Year 2)

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The Alef-Bet Review has been updated is now available for FREE DOWNLOAD from the site:  However, the Poster Set is still available for purchase from the


This curriculum guide offers a Hebrew decoding review for students who have recently finished learning the Alef-Bet and can decode simple words. For most classes, this program will be used in the Fall after their primer-year, but for many it will be introduced after working with “Let’s Learn Hebrew Side-by-Side” [].


Included are seven LESSONS that integrate a review of Hebrew decoding skills, vocabulary from Hebrew Through Movement (for those working with the program), and a set of RESOURCE SHEETS for teacher use, and STUDENT PACKET; hands-on materials may be duplicated once, rather than throughout the two months of learning. There are also posters that may be purchased from the JECC Marketplace for classroom use.


This Hebrew review is based on the principle of sound-to-print – that students should generally hear Hebrew before being asked to decode the printed word. The lessons model an approach to teaching Hebrew decoding that may be applied to prayers and blessings.


Also check out the JECC’s teaching guide for the jPrayer - Sh’ma and its blessings, – it was designed to follow this early-in-the-year review and uses the same teaching principles.


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Alef Bet Review

Written by Arnold Rotenberg on 6th Feb 2018

Excellent product...can be used in many creative ways to review alef bet

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