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TC (Teacher Center) Tip of the Month - DECEMBER - Challenge Board


We've been creating these Challenge Boards.  Included on the board are various activities (paper/pencil, iPad games, videos, etc.) that your students can do when arriving to class, when finished with work, etc.  Or they can be used during those transition times, etc.  The best part is that there's a lot to choose from and that new activities can be added easily.  Let us know how we can help you to create one of these!!



We're Having a Sale!!

Free shipping for orders over $50 - now through December 31.  Now is a great time to get materials for your classroom.  Let us know how we can be of assistance (teachers@jecc.org)!

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TC (Teacher Center) Tip of the Month - SEPTEMBER - Vocaroo & QRs

Vocaroo is one of the the easiest podcasting tools to use.  It is simple to make a recording of the teacher or of the student.  Do your students need help with directions in the learning center?  Record the directions (in can be embedding into your blog), but choose the QR code option.  Attach the QR code to [...]

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TC (Teacher Center) Tip of the Month - AUGUST - Kahoot

Kahoot is a great and fun way to review information with your students.  It can be also be used as an interactive assessment. used Questions are created by the teacher (or by your students) and is played in real-time in a game-show format.  Your students can play by using their phones, ipads, on the computer or [...]

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TC (Teacher Center) Tip of the Month - JULY - TinyTap and JI Tap

Have you heard about TinyTap or JI Tap?  Or have you played a game on it, but haven't had a chance to create one of your own?  The Teacher Center, in collaboration with the JECC Marketplace, can help!  Download the app on your tablet.  You can play on any device, including your computer.  General studies, Jewish, [...]

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Happy 2016

Thank you for using our free gift of shipping during the month of December!  Keep checking back on the website for other free offers!  Email us if you have a question or an idea of a new product!  Thanks!

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Welcome to the www.jecc.marketplace.com

Thank you for visiting the JECC Market Place.  We look forward to assisting you!  This site includes curriculum and teaching resources.  You will find materials for that are free to download and other materials for purchase.  If you don't see what you're looking for, let us know!

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