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Have you ever gone to one of those Escape Rooms?  While there, you have an hour to solve puzzles and challenges to get you and your team out of the room. So instead of locking our students in a classroom, BreakoutEDU has students solving puzzles and challenges to get the locks off a box.  All the activities are centered around a certain theme.

This digital BreakoutEDU-PURIM includes 5 challenges and 5 virtual locks to review Purim symbols and rituals. It can be finished in 30 minutes and can be played on the computer, a tablet or a phone.


Here’s the link to begin the game -

We'd love to have your feedback on this activity.  Let us know if you have questions.

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Purim escape room

Written by Tamara on 23rd Feb 2021

What a fun program to play and to review the content of Purim! I have had youth groups from middle and high school play and they had a wonderful time! I like how Purim, its story, mitzvot and characters were incorporated in the game. Yasher Koach!

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