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UPDATED: February, 2019

Have you ever gone to one of those Escape Rooms?! Instead of locking our students in a classroom, BreakoutEDU has students solving puzzles and challenges to get into the box - all centered around a certain theme/unit.

BreakoutEDU: PURIM includes 5 challenges that review the story, symbols, customs and mitzvot of Purim. You can download the challenges here, but you'll need to supply the box, the locks and even the invisible ink and blacklight flashlight.


Cleveland teachers can borrow the box, locks and all the materials to do these challenges! Thank you for downloading this Breakout Challenge, we'd love to have your feedback on this activity and let us know if you have questions.

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Reviews (2)

Purim Breakout

Written by Melissa Werbow on 28th Mar 2019

My students loved this breakout activity and even those without a lot of Jewish background could participate. One small critique is that the activity with the gematria is a little confusing. Why do you need to put the story in order and match the letters with the little tiles to get the phrase Chag Sameach when it is written on the gematria page. It wasn't relevant enough to the game (although I understand why it is a worthy activity pedagogically). Also, the way the numbers were spaced above the megillot, it made it very hard to cut them out. This was a special challenge because I was making enough sets for 11 groups of students to play the game.

Purim breakout box

Written by Elana CoheN on 1st Mar 2018

The Purim Breakout Box activity was a huge hit! I made a few modifications to some of the activities, but it worked out really well.

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