Hebrew - #OnwardHebrew Ritual and HTM Matching Cards

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Play the Memory game with picture cards of objects the students know how to identify in Hebrew. The JECC has a card set specifically developed for this purpose (search: Memory Game – Awakening S2P) - your students may play a ritual version, a Hebrew Through Movement version, or both together. For each game, choose 8-10 photo cards that students know (e.g., if you are a female teacher, use only the female teacher photo and word card). 

o   Using two each of the picture cards, set up the game.

§  First time through, ask students to identify the picture and look at the Hebrew word from right to left as they say it.

§  Second time playing, have the students identify the item and identify the sound of the first letter/vowel sign combination.

§  Third time playing, see if they can identify any other letters in the Hebrew word when they pronounce it.

o   Using one set of picture cards and one set of word cards, set up the game.

§  First time through, ask students to see if the shape of the words on each card match (do not ask them to decode the Hebrew card when they turn it over; rather, you pronounce it for them). If a match is made, ask the student to use their knowledge of the word's pronunciation and then look at the print as s/he says the word aloud.

§  Second time through, if the student can read the Hebrew print card, allow him/her to do so.


This download includes: 

  • 2 pages picture/word cards (HTM)
  • 2 pages picture cards (HTM)
  • 2 pages word cards (HTM)
  • 2 pages picture/words (Ritual objects)
  • 2 pages picture (Ritual objects)
  • 2 pages words (Ritual objects)
  • Directions




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