jPrayer: A Hebrew Curriculum on Sh'ma and Its Blessings, plus Kiddush Poster Set

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jPrayer: A Hebrew Curriculum on Sh'ma and Its Blessings, plus Kiddush - POSTER SET



A set of 5 18" x 24" posters including: Barchu, Sh'ma, MiChamocha (pm and am), Yotzer Or, Kiddush

jPrayer: A Hebrew Curriculum on Sh'ma and its Blessings (originally published as Lasim Lev) was developed for students who know how to decode/read Hebrew and are ready to work with the section of our t’fillah called “Sh’ma and Its Blessings.” The learning model is unique in that integrates Hebrew Through Movement, a focus on children’s spirituality and an overall sense of the meaning of individual prayers, blessings and rituals, as well as decoding skills. It is based on the principle of sound-to-print – that students should generally hear Hebrew before being asked to decode the printed word. This curriculum may be used independently, or it may follow the JECC’s seven week unit called the Alef-Bet Review.

All the CURRICULAR MATERIALS are available for FREE DOWNLOAD from  This includes T'fillah Teaching (for meaning), Hebrew Through Movement integration (for vocabulary) and decoding work (with the "Flashmob").  There are two Alef-Bet Reviews, one for the first year after students learn to decode (prior tolearning Sh'ma and its blessings), and for the second year (prior to learning the Amidah).

The jPrayer website also includes curricular materials on the Amidah.






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